The Elsewhere

The Elsewhere is a new book with a long history. In a new arrangement of three books of poetry, a verse memoir, a poetic prose memoir, and essay collections on poetics, as well as new poems, The Elsewhere re-scores a life alert to the workings of line and sentence upon eye, heart, breath, and the world. The Elsewhere is Available Now Click the link to … Continue reading The Elsewhere

Forged Correspondences

Wildly inventive, these ‘forgeries’ roam from Heraclitus to the Queen of Sheba, from Newark to Africa. Highly serious and richly comic, a great trip.”” —Maxine Kumin, Ploughshares Click the link to purchase this book through the publisher: Purchase Forged Correspondences Praise for Forged Correspondences “The wholly original and deeply felt poems of Philip Brady’s Forged Correspondences carry the reader to such faraway locales as Ireland, … Continue reading Forged Correspondences


“In poems of spiritual hunger and erotic receptivity, Philip Brady achieves utterance through formal gestures, “revealing in every form and syllable / a double essence.” The pleasures of Fathom are literary and sensuous, even when the poems address the events of 9/11. Through rhythmic cadences, “a murmur rippling in lines,” Brady brings the world into focus, “purr[s] ‘accord’ / into the ear of the continuum.” … Continue reading Fathom


“The poems in Philip Brady’s Weal engage us with dazzling language and intellectual range and a lovely music. The poems’ subjects range from a childhood of “scotch and casseroles,” to post-colonial culture, to the rootless “luxury and helplessness” of travel. These poems get around: from Brooklyn to Belfast; from Italy to Africa; from Youngstown, Ohio to an empty wing of the top floor of a … Continue reading Weal

To Banquet with the Ethiopians

“I don’t know of any poet living in America today who would even attempt what Philip Brady has masterfully accomplished in To Banquet with the Ethiopians: A Memoir of Life Before the Alphabet. Like a modern-day Homer or Joyce, Brady set out to re-envision his life as a mythic voyage after undergoing heart surgery and experiencing his own personal descent into the underworld. At times … Continue reading To Banquet with the Ethiopians