To Banquet with the Ethiopians


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Book VII: Redaction

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“I don’t know of any poet living in America today who would even attempt what Philip Brady has masterfully accomplished in To Banquet with the Ethiopians: A Memoir of Life Before the Alphabet. Like a modern-day Homer or Joyce, Brady set out to re-envision his life as a mythic voyage after undergoing heart surgery and experiencing his own personal descent into the underworld. At times funny and often revelatory, Brady writes with incantatory power as he contemplates the arc of life, moving seamlessly between memory and myth, the humdrum and the metaphysical, carrying his reader like a boat on a wave with his lush language and oratorical ease.”

–Nin Andrews, author of Sleeping with Houdini and Why God Is A Woman

“The work has that sense of the contemporaneity of the ancient, a kind of muscularity and lushness of rhetoric as embodying the physical force of the ancients—obviously the orality of the performance does as well—and yet the philosophical layering feels quite immediate, owned, bound to the dailiness of the scholar as hostage, as exile, as subject not only to time but the power architectures built to manage our anxiety over time.”

–Bruce Bond, author of Choir of the Wells and Peal

“I know no one with Philip Brady’s profound sense of his work’s embeddedness in history, its origins in the body, its realization of community. Long live the Ethiopians!

–H.L.Hix, author of Chromatic and First Fire, Then Birds


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